Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | Its Just Me
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Its Just Me

Alchemy, Creative, Spiritual
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About This Project

Hi, It’s me! 🙂 You will soon learn, I am not as serious as I appear to be. I am a silly goof-ball once you get to know me. I am an introvert, so it takes me a while to warm up to people. But once I warm up, you will be sick of me in no time. So a few things people don’t know about me.

  1. I love Allah
  2. I was born in June  ( I am a cancer, water sign= moody)
  3. I love the fall
  4. I love the rain
  5. I love the lake, but oceans are 2nd best
  6. I love to camp and hike
  7. I seen my first, up close, waterfall in 2014. I cried.
  8. I love seafood
  9. I am married with children.
  10. I love to read
  11. I am an INFJ, The I means I re-energize by time spent alone, N- I take in information based on what my intuition tells me, F- I make choices based on what my emotions reflect at that time. J- I like schedules and organization.
  12. I have a violet aura with a bit of indigo- I am here to share my message with the world and be an example of it.
  13. I am an enneagram 4 psychodynamic type- I am motivated to take action based on my deepest desire to create an impactful image of myself. This is where I find my self-worth.
  14. I am a visionary/alchemist psychographic archetype- I see patterns, trends and feel intuitively connected to things that most people never see coming until its right in front of them. I am a catalyst for transformation and growth.
  15. I have a degree in Business Administration- It was a big waste of money.
  16. I have a degree in Metaphysics- One of the biggest times of growth in my life.
  17. I have a degree in Philosophy, with an emphasis on Transpersonal Counseling- I am here to do big things!
  18. I have an Open Water Divers Certification- I try to be adventurous.
  19. I have a Motorcycle license- I want to see myself as adventurous, but I’m still scared 🙂
  20. I have 1 published book ( on amazon) so far. I am currently writing another
  21. I am afraid of the dark
  22. I am afraid of living a life of insignificance, without meaning or purpose.
  23. I spend way too much time on the computer( or mobile device)