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Prophets & Messengers

The biggest debate between Muslims and Christians is around this topic of Prophets and Messengers. One in particular. In my humble opinion, this is the breakdown of my understanding based on the studies of the Bible and The Quran.

Mary, the mother of Jesus gave birth as what is referred to immaculate conception. Jesus, in essence, has no mother or father. He was placed in Mary’s womb by god. He was not created in the traditional sense of how a child is normally conceived. This is also the way in which Adam and Eve were created.  By divine will. Allah simply said be, and it was. Yes, there are details such as eve and Adam being formed from dirt etc. But the creation of them was not of human conception is my point. All three are created by God without human involvement.

Now, Mary did carry Jesus and Adam and Eve were not carried. Therefore Mary is the mother of Jesus. The word mother comes from the womb, which means to carry or bare fruit or children. So it is said in scripture, by God, that Mary is the mother of Jesus.

Secondly, in the bible, we also see that Jesus consistently refers to God as his father. Some would say we are all children of God because we are all his creation. We also read that Jesus was sent to be a prophet and a messenger. When people meet him they ask him, ” Are you “THAT” prophet”? Meaning are you the prophet that was said that is to come. Before Jesus was born scripture tells of a prophet that was said to come. Jesus denies this role and says no. I am not that prophet.

There are also people referred to in the Bible as messengers. All messengers were prophets, in that they came with a message, a scripture. But all prophets were not messengers, such as Adam or Noah. They foretold of things to come as God told them, but they did not come with a Holy book or scripture. This is my understanding of what a messenger and a prophet are. Ibrahim or Abraham in English was a Prophet, but not a messenger. Ibrahim was the prophet of all mankind. It is from him that all children were born. Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Jesus was a Prophet and a Messenger. Muhammad was a Prophet and Messenger. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them both. The greatest debate amongst scholars and regular laymen alike were who was Jesus? And for some people who is Prophet Muhammad and is he even a real Prophet? You will have to read my next posts to find out.

Life is good, have a blessed day.



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