Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | I became Muslim 15 years ago
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I became Muslim 15 years ago

Many people ask me what made you decide to become Muslim, especially not to long after Sept 11th.

To be honest with you. I did not put two and two together with Islam and Sept 11th. I became Muslim after two years of actually studying and practicing Islam.

It wasn’t that I had any doubt about its beliefs or principles, but I had my doubts about the examples of Muslims I had seen. People are people and no one is perfect. Many people think that converting to a religion is going to fix all their problems. We think that when we convert to a religion that we are getting a fresh start in life and that the people around us are going to guide us and help us and be examples of what that life can look like.

It is true to some extent, but mostly, it is a false sense of truth. No one is perfect, that is my mantra. We were not created for perfection.

So why did I become Muslim. Well, it is actually very simple. I believed. I believed in every article of faith. The articles of faith are all that one is required to believe in order to be Muslim. Just as in all religions, there is a difference of opinions when it comes to how these articles of faith are practiced, and when. I didn’t learn that however until after those two years.


So the article of faith to call oneself Muslim. A Muslim actually simply means One who submits their complete self to God.

  1. You believe that there is one God. One creator, who is alone without any partners. He is not begotten nor does he have children of his own.
  2. You believe in ALL of the scriptures that God has sent down. (In their original form) This is the Torah, The Injel and The Quran. Injel is the new testament of the bible and the Torah is the old. But, in its original form. Even the Quran, when translated looses its meaning. It is important to know the word of God as it was sent by him. Not our new modern update of it.
  3. You believe that he created Angels.
  4. You believe that he has sent prophets and messengers, and we do not make a difference in them, saying one is better than the other. Only God can judge that. But they were each sent with a divine purpose.
  5. You believe in the day of resurrection. The day when all will stand before God and be resurrected. This is also referred to as the day of Judgement.
  6. You believe in life after death. That there is a heaven and a hell
  7. You believe in predestination. That there are “some” things that have been pre-ordained by God.

If you believe in all these things, in the eyes of God, you are considered to be one who believes in God, and thus may consider yourself to be a Muslim. When one does believe these 7 principles. He repeats the testimony of faith in front of at least one Muslim witness. Repeating. I bare witness that there is no God except God, and I bare witness that Muhammad is his final slave and messenger. This is called the Shahada. That’s it, you are Muslim.

If you would like me to be a witness to your testimony of faith please use the contact form on my site so we can schdule it. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about this post, you are free to leave it below.

Life is good have a blessed day.



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