Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | We’ve Lost So Many In 2016
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We’ve Lost So Many In 2016

Amongst the celebrities and countless innocent lives that were lost this year, two of my grandmothers sisters passed away as well. Never having met my Grandfather, and trying to find as much info about him as I can, has lead me to Legacy is an online database that has obituaries of people from around the US that go back pretty far.

When I first began my research, I actually¬†began with a stack of Obituaries my grandmother had kept. Obituaries are great resources because they tell you who is who of the loved one lost. You can also learn details about that loved one’s life that you never thought to ask. It is always good to double check information and names, as you know how family can be with secrets and taking them even to their graves. Unfortunately, sometimes I have found obituaries continuing those secrets.

So if you have a lost loved one, it is possible that they can be found here. 


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