Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | Happy New Year, Still Thinking About Surnames.
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Happy New Year, Still Thinking About Surnames.

2016 was a year most of us would prefer to forget. So much happened. One of my minor losses during 2016 was my mind. No seriously. I am not sure what, but something possessed me to delete my files from Youtube. This is one event I deeply regret. I am not usually one for regrets, as I believe that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING happens for a reason. So 2017, please teach me something. I hope to create new videos or at least update everyone more often.

The Ancestry project has been a bit at a stand still as I focus on learning about my Grandfather and who he was. So far I just have a last name. There isn’t clear information based on my DNA match as to which Redmond was my Grandfather, but as more Redmond family is willing to take the DNA test and share what info they can , I learn about a side of my family that I knew I had somewhere out there. It’s actually very amazing.

One big issue I have always had was with my last name. Had I been raised as a Redmond, I am not sure what differences there would be if any. But being African American¬†and Muslim, and using an Arabic name, makes me think if I were to legally change my name and pay money, what name would I choose. One I have always know, but known it wasn’t mine, or one that is mine, that I know nothing about. Abdul Rahman has always been a happy medium. An option to use neither surname and use a name, an attribute of God.

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