Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | What’s In A Name?
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What’s In A Name?

Surnames have always been an issue for me. History tells us that African American’s were given the surnames of their owners, however, we also know that NOT ALL African Americans were slaves. Traditionally, American women take the last names of their father or husbands. I personally like cultures and religions, such as Islam, where a woman keeps the last name of her father; it continues to show who her people are; for she is not the┬áproperty of her husband as some would like to think.

But what do you do when your father nor your husband know who their father is? Today we find that many women give their children their last name, or maybe the last name of their current husband, but not the actual father. It is my personal opinion that an individual, no matter how much one dislikes the other, is and always will be part of each parent. We are not just connected to our mothers, but we are also connected to our fathers. There is nothing that can be done about this, no matter how much they may be missing in action. Each parent, their history, their lineage, their health, their DNA is just as important as the other.

Each parent, their history, their lineage, their health, their DNA is just as important as the other. I also believe that is is an injustice to deny a child their right to know their other parent. When that child is old enough to make a choice on their own, they are left with nothing except stories, lies, half truths, confusion and a loss since of self. We also have to remember, we are connected to, but we are not our parents. We have much that is passed on from them, and their parents, and even our grandparents.

Science has even considered the possibility that we even pass on our memories through our DNA.

Surnames was one of the main concerns I had when I started this project. I really had no true last name, and now that I do know what it would have been, I don’t feel connected to it. It doesn’t feel like my own. ┬áBut is it that serious? Is it that important? What’s in a name? It’s just a name, right?



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