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I Found Them

It has been a while since I have posted an update about the progress of my Ancestry research. A lot has been going on. I am back in school full-time, I am also working part-time and spending the rest of my time developing my design business. More details about that can be found once my biz site relaunches in January.

So in ancestry news. I have found my fathers side of the family, and they have happily agreed to provide me with any information, stories, photos etc, that they can. I have been in contact with my great, cousin, I believe. His father and mother also plan to take the ancestry test so we can have more clarity on who is who.

Other than that. I don’t have details that I can really share at this point. I do hope to fly back to the east coast next year sometime and meet them. I am super excited, but unfortunately¬†can not say the same for others.

I mostly wanted to write this post to encourage those of you that are searching, to never give up. Anything is possible. I have been at this for eight years. I have reached my ultimate goal, which was to find my father’s family. It just took some time. I am ready to move forward and keep working on that checklist.




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