Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | When times get tough
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When times get tough

I know the struggle is real yall, there are even tshirts out there to remind us. ( lol) But when times get tough, I always try to remember, there is a great amount of freedom and submission in not worrying about the outcome of things. As a person who strives for “success,” I find it very difficult to let go out expectations. That does not mean to not have goals, but it means to not be attached to a result. Be it raising kids, starting a business, getting a job, or getting married, we find that the result is what motivates us and moves us forward. With great difficulty, I am learning to let that all go and simply do for the sake of doing, for the sake of striving, because I enjoy the process, vs holding on to the attachment of an outcome that may never be, that I have no control of.

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