Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | Free Will & Pre-destination
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Free Will & Pre-destination

So this week while sitting at Starbucks, I finally made the time to re-read the basics of Qadar. I say the basics because that is really all one needs to know and is supposed to know about the topic. The Hows and the Why’s of Qadar is over-stepping boundaries. How Allah does something or why has never been my question, but rather what our part is in the process. Do we have a choice at all or is everything pre-ordained? Does Allah really care about what I wear or what street I turn on, or does he just focus on the big things like how many kids I am going to have and if I am going to admitted to Jannah or not?

After reading and a bit of reflection, this is my take on it. Qadr is like a movie. Allah is the writer, the producer and the director. He knows everything even the smallest details of what is going to happen. Some things he allows to happen and some he does not, depending on his will. That which he will he has written down and that which he does not will is also written down. The actions themselves take place based on what is written, like a movie. The biggest difference is that the actors in a movie have been given a script and those have practiced and also know what is coming, where as,  we don’t have  a script. We are similar to an audience watching the movie play out.  We think we know what is going to happen, or what we want to happen, but we don’t know and so we watch as things play out. Like one of those books where you choose the ending, you are given options. Go left or go right, but regardless of which you choose, some result has already been chosen. You are free in the choosing, but you are not free in the result.

Therefore we have free will to choose, and therefore we should continue to strive, without letting the result be the focus, because the result is not in our control, but rather the striving is.

  • Amir
    Posted at 09:20h, 12 January Reply

    Quran 53:39 “And that man shall have nothing but what he strives for”

    According to a Hadith in Sahi Muslim, Muhammad (pbuh) said; All of the acts of human are terminated upon his death except these three; 1. his noble kids who continue to pray after he is gone. 2. a charity that continues to flow despite his death. 3. the knowledge that he spread which continues to benefit others long after he’s gone.

    Despite the fact that everybody’s destiny is pre-written long before anyone even embarks on it, does not absolve the one from striving. Its not the satisfaction of reaching the destiny, rather it lies into walking every single step to the fullest potential of yours in pursuance of that goal. One may or may not reach their goals (as per the Will of Allah s.w.t) in this temporary world, but the very act of striving alone is guaranteed to be rewarded hereafter.

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