Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | Ancestry Autosomal Testing
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Ancestry Autosomal Testing

I decided to go with AncestryDNA to begin my DNA research. I chose to work with them because they were A) affordable and B) an introductory way for me to learn about my ethnicity. I have not decided if or when I am going to do the mtDNA test  or have my father take the YDNA test.

So far I am simply learning a lot about DNA and how it works in general. Before making my final decision, I read this blog post and it was very helpful in making my decision on which test and which company would be best for the answers I was seeking.

The videos below are me taking the test and sharing the results. Some of the comments I make about taking the test are not true. As I mentioned I am just now learning about DNA testing.

The biggest error in the comment that I made was that Autosomal tests both sides of your family. It is not an mtDNA test, which women take to test the women’s side of their family. ( me, my mother, my mothers mother, etc.)

Autosomal testing tests the DNA from both your mother and father, their mother and father, and their mother and father on up. Autosomal testing can go back, up to hundreds of years, it just depends on who is taking the test. It is best to have the eldest family members take the Autosomal test if your intention is to go back as far as you can.

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