Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | Stories & Questions About My Ancestry
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Stories & Questions About My Ancestry

A lot of my Ancestry research is based on stories I’ve been told and questions that I have. People do ancestry research for various reasons. Maybe they are looking for long lost cousins, distant relatives, and biological parents.

Some of the questions that I have are based on stories such as:

1. I have native American blood from my grandmother’s grandmother. Of course, all black folks are told, they have Native American blood. (lol) but it’s just not true, or it’s so little that it does not show in DNA unless an elder family member takes the test. Is there land that actually belongs to my family, that we are unaware of?

2. I am interested in learning about the birth name of some of my ancestors that changed their name for their personal safety. Upon learning their birth names, I can trace their ancestors even further back.

3. Were my ancestors slaves and from where in Africa? I am not sure that this will ever be possible, but if it is,  I think this is one of the most important answers that I could ever find. Are there any slave records on my ancestors available?

4. Where my creole ancestors from France?

5. Where does the red hair gene in my family come from?Many of my family members are fair skin and have red hair? Hmmm, where does this come from?

6. Every family has its secrets, and that includes my family. Some children have mothers and fathers that are unknown or who they were told were their biological parents are not, so I am also looking for biological parents names and information. 

Some of these questions I have learned the answers to and some I have only skimmed the surface. But I am enjoying the journey.

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