Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | I have hundreds of new cousins
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I have hundreds of new cousins

With the results of my Autosomal DNA results, I now have 100’s of new cousins. Well, they have always been my cousins, but now I have access to reach them.



Some people have been very helpful in helping me figure out how we are related, while others seem to be less than interested. I have learned I have quite a few distant cousins (4th and 5th), from Great Britain. For many reasons, and stories I’ve been told, this should not come as a surprise, but never the less, it is. When I scroll through over 50 pages of cousins, to see so many people of various ethnic backgrounds that also share my blood, is very fascinating. Especially when they are not African American. To think or hear stories of other country origins is one thing, but to see it in test results and faces of people that share DNA and surnames, is wow! Perhaps you and I are related!

Every time I get an email in my AncestryDNA I know its from a cousin, usually introducing themselves and reaching out to connect. One connection that I initiated almost right off the back was to my grandmothers, fathers family. As mentioned in my previous post, I have a few questions about the history of this side of my family. Through Census and DNA and a publicly shared family tree I was able to find an email and reach out. Today I learned, just how powerful this science is. I got a response back and was able to connect with the wife of my great grandfathers grandson! How awesome is that! I am super excited to stay connected with them and possibly meet face to face in the near future.

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