Aisha LaDon, PhD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist | More Test Results
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More Test Results

It’s been a while since I have posted and I have so much to share.

As I mentioned in my video, I was going to have my father and my great uncle take the AncestryDNA test. They did, and I have received their results. I want to keep their info private, but I also want to share the benefits of having more than one member of your family tested.

So, with that said here are three tests. One is mine, one is my dad’s and the other my great uncles. I won’t say whose is who. How is that? With a little common sense, however, you may be able to make a good guess.


With our three test results, I have been able to discover so much about my family and get some of those answers I was looking for.

Even with the very basic results of the test I learned which results in my own test came from where. Looking at my father and my great uncle’s results, I can make a conclusion as to what part of my results reflects my mother’s mother, my mother’s father, my father mother and my father’s, father.

I am also able to discover that there were Native American Ancestors in my family. I also found census records that actually showed that many of my ancestors were slaves of Native American’s as well. But that’s another story.

Autosomal chromosomes are split by all four of your grandparents, and their grandparents, and so forth, so when it comes to showing Native American blood, it is best to test the eldest member of your family possible, and even then you may see nothing or very little.

So two of my questions have been answered with DNA and have also led me further along on my paper trail (aka family tree by use of census). I do have Native American Ancestors and the Creole Ancestry does come from a mix of people from Ireland. The paper trail has led me specifically to France.

I am not sure if I will find the answer to the red hair gene specifically. But I am thinking this is the best answer I am going to get unless I find photos of ancestors that also had red hair. I plan to look further into what DNA specific chromosomes hold, but even scientist have yet to figure that out.

Until my next post, life is good, have a blessed day,



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