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One of the main tools that I am using to assist with my ancestry research is GEDMATCH. I think I may have mentioned it in a previous article. GEDMATCH takes your RAW DNA file and uploads it to a database which then, chromosome by chromosome looks at others in the database to see who you are a match for.

It is very similar to however you have a bit more details as to each chromosome match. This is really helpful if you are studying family illnesses. It is also helpful if you don’t have both parents or all siblings tested.



It shows you how much DNA is actually matched within each chromosome compared to you and others, or you and a specific person. What I also like about GEDMATCH is that you can upload a family tree, similar to and make connections that way as well. There are other fun things to try out like predictive eye color, the 3D browser and more.

So the graph below shows a male, that I share 3585.5 chromosome matches with and that he is 1 generation away from me, and that we also match on the x chromosome of 196.1 CM, so it’s obvious this is my father. Below that you will find other relatives in the order of closest match to me all the way to the 6th or 7th generation, based on how I have conducted my search.


Another great tool that GEDMATCH has is comparing two DNA files to others. So I can take my DNA Kit number and my father’s number, plug them in and see who in the database matches both of us. This is great because when using my own, I get matches from both sides of my family, so if you are working on one side of the family at a time. This is a great tool!


One last feature of GEDMATCH the I would like to mention is the Phasing tool. I have not had my mom take the test yet, and I am not sure if I plan to or need to. One reason is the Phasing tool. The GEDMATCH Phasing tool allows me to use my DNA kit number and my father’s DNA kit number to separate him from me, which of course only leaves my mom. So when doing research on my mom’s side, technically I already have a kit for her. I am not sure if this is guaranteed, 100% accuracy or how limited it is, but for organizing categories and lists, it has been very helpful.



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